"Good moulds are like the regular beat of a heart muscle. The casts come out flawless, each and every time..."


Bruno M.M.A. Steensels received his Master’s degree in 1984 in Civil Architecture at the university of architecture in Ghent, Belgium. He joined the 3 year education programme of the BIGCA in 1991 and became Senior Member in 1999.

Active in golf course architecture since 1987 and, since 1992, on a freelance basis with more than 75 assignments in Europe. In 1997 he merged all these activities into a new company, MasterGolf, Golf Course Architecture, Design and Consultancy. In 2009 the company became MasterGolf International, with an even wider range of company services. Mirroring Bruno  Steensels’ reputation as a Civil Architect, a Golf Course Architect and a National and International Amateur-tournament golf player, the practice takes pride in its commitment and professionalism, in its attention for detail and in an unstinting pursuit of excellence. He is now the Principal Architect of MGI.


Jean Castro has a degree in landscape architecture and in traffic engineering. He has over 20 years of experience with CAD and GIS and is specialist in 3d terrain modeling, in particular: road, parking, site and landscape-design. He works since 2002 for MasterGolf International also as a CAD Engineer and is responsible for the format of all the digital design plans of our golf projects: 2d- &  3d-drafting, 3d-analysis, sight lines, cut & fill, etc. He also stands in for the Masterplan development, permits documents, tender documents, tree plantings, GIS-analyses, etc.

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