A “MasterGolf International” design successfully combines the ‘history of the game of golf’ with design requirements born of present-day perceptions as regards to design and structure.

The original game of golf has its origins in the Scottish dunes (hence the word links). This natural environment fits the game of golf to a T, as it were, and no major landscaping, as such, was needed.  The lessons, that we draw from these natural golf links, have been handed down to us : “Whosoever,

in an existing landscape, designs or constructs in harmony with the nature of the terrain and avoids unnecessary high costs, will get, from the outset, a harmonious golf course, fully-integrated into its natural environment”. However, flying somewhat in the face of tradition and history, we, at “MasterGolf International”, are receptive to the present-day requirements of golf. Of paramount importance is that golf course design be regarded as an “art form”. So – if the project in question involves earthmoving and/or structures – our philosophy is that the latter ought, in their finished form, to convey the impression of a perfect harmony between the newly created

 and the natural environment. “MasterGolf International” designs are also oriented towards the international level, which transcends the local ‘club level’… .  Not only ‘golf course architecture’ but also a sound, working knowledge of the ‘market’, at home and abroad, forms part of our basic principles.  Proceeding from the (internationally-oriented) objectives of our clients, our remit is to develop a varied, aesthetically pleasing product that takes architectural, technical (viz. the technical side of golf), ecological and scenic values into account.  The design should, ideally, be a synthesis of creative, management-technical and financial aspects.


Signature design.

Professional golfers add direct credibility to a project, which provi- des a greater return on investment. At mgi we pride ourselves on the ability to bring world class, prominent Design Collaborators to the project when needed. Their participation and marketing power is often influential in a project’s success.

Mastergolf International works close with IAN WOOSNAM (Former number 1 player in the world)

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