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A golf course, once it’s been constructed, hasn’t been built for all time…

Older golf courses tend, over time, to deteriorate, both in terms of quality and charm.  This is often due to special elements, such as bunkers or other course details, outdated building standards and/or e.g. instances of neglect in respect of maintenance.  Besides, over the years, the original concept of the golf course architect has been abandoned.

In order to give these existing golf courses, once more, their charm of yore? whilst securing conformance with present-day requirements, we can offer you the following suite of services :

Restoration of a golf course : to recreate the original layout and design philosophy of the golf course based, if desired, on historical, as-built plans, maps and/or photographs.

Renovation of a golf course : improvements to a golf course in respect of playing conditions (viz. lush fairways and firm, well-contoured, fast playing greens), the present degree of difficulty (i.e. the enjoyability to be got from the course), maintenance, drainage and building materials.  In that connection, an exhaustive survey and a complete strategy are condensed into a single report; it sets out to answer the all-important question :  To what extent could the existing golf course, after certain

improvements have been made, gain in importance? This report also contains a work plan to show how that renovation could be carried out in several phases.

Redesign of a golf course : This solution is commonest on golf courses that lack a modicum? of innovative design and architectural quality; courses that are regarded, by the golfing fraternity?, as boring and uninteresting technically.  A completely new design, that takes the existing important aspects (e.g. the existing landscape, its flora and fauna,…) into consideration, is submitted for your approval, in a professionally prepared quotation.

Other services.

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